Our remote support service allows us to fix many computer issues remotely without bringing in your computer or having to schedule an appointment.

To begin:

  1. Give us a call at 423-975-9327 and let us know you need remote support.

  2. You will then be directed to pay our $35 remote support deposit via the secure PayPal payment link. Please click the Paypal logo to be redirected their.

  3. Once you have made the payment you may download Team Veiwer by clicking here. This will download our remote support software and the technician may begin troubleshooting your problem.

The $35 deposit will cover your first 30 minutes of remote support and each consecutive 30 minute increment will be billed after services have been rendered at a rate of $35 per half hour.

Note: Computer services are taxed in the state of Tennessee therefore tax is automatically applied to the bill unless we are informed of tax exemption.